The police concentrated more on financial offenses

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police is responsible for investigating the complex crime that CIB can not be from other police offices. In recent times, the investigation of financial crime has become complicated before the CIB, which is investigating the crime of fatal and serious illness. In 2075, the CIB has used an issue equivalent to Rs 61 crore in banking profits. CIB has investigated more than one billion rupees more than one billion rupees in the case of selling one land to another, fraudulently, government documents have been filed in the name of sending the US and America.

The metropolitan crime supermarket, which is responsible for investigating the fatal crime in the Valley, will also be filled with the suffering of transactions and financial crime. The supermarkets have investigated the accident of Rs. 40 million in just 2075. People are suffering from belief in unnecessary procedures, some of the organized forms of financial crime are affecting the national economy.

Nujan Sitaula
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