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Kathmandu – The ministry’s premises, which means a lot of fun, has been like a deserted one month ago, a week before becoming a budget. The ministry’s doors are closed to prevent those who ask for the budget.

It is a crackdown in the work of the Finance Minister and the Secretary of State. There are four days left for bringing the next year’s budget, economists Yuvraj Khatwada, Finance Secretary Rajan Khanal, Revenue Secretary Lalshankar Ghimire and officials involved in the budget are busy writing budget statement.

According to ministry spokesman Uttar Khattar, activities like budget demand, suggestions and discussion have stopped. “The leaders of the party, the former ministers, the former chairman of the Planning Commission, the former secretary, the private sector officials, and seven MPs have discussed with the Parliament,” he said. “All preparations for budget construction have been completed.”

He told that budget writing is going on. “The Revenue Consulting Committee has also reported that the writing committee is working to write the budget,” he said. “The report is to be submitted to the budget presidency and preparations are being prepared for publication.”

There is a provision to submit the budget of central government on the basis of the constitution. To submit budget, two days back, the financial survey of the overall financial year of the current financial year, yellow book, which reflects the overall state of public institutions, and ministries, have a white book of progress for this year’s progress.

Ministry of Finance is preparing to submit the publication to the CA on November 9. “We will give the final bill to the financial bill for two days after the publication of these publications and the budget statement of economics,” spokesperson Khatri said.

Shape shape
How many points is the next year’s budget? “It can not be guessed now,” an official said in the construction of the budget, “The political and political parties are left to decide. Prime Minister Khatiwada Prime Minister KP Sharma is in view of reaching the decision only by consulting Oli. ‘The size of the budget will be known only on the evening of 10th.

The source committee of the Deputy Chairman Coordinator of the Planning Commission said that this time, the limit of 14 billion 9 billion rupees has been set. The estimate of the source committee, which is about Rs 10 billion rupees of revenue collection, will be the budget for this amount. The remaining amount is specified by foreign aid and loans, internal loans and savings this year.

Three programs on pressure
Due to the increase in MPs’ budget and elderly, this year, too, it is very stressful to raise budget for the last two years in the party itself. The size of the bodget will be fixed on topic of budget, elderly and elderly salary. In particular, the Finance Minister has shown the Finance Minister’s increase in budget and elderly.

Economy Khatiwada has been responding by pressure on the size of the next budget due to limited sources but priority areas are very high. He said that the fundamental rights implementation, Left Declaration, Growth Development Goals and the majority of the sectors of the economy should be kept in priority because they are pressure on the size.

The Parliament has urged the budget of local infrastructure development partnership to be around 10 million, saying that there is no distribution, impartial and abuse according to the wishes of the budget prime minister. MP Bhaktapur 2 MP Mahesh Basnet said that MPs who got Rs 6/7 million were convinced.

“The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister do not campaign anymore, if your feelings are addressed, the MP is convinced that this amount increases,” Basit, who believes in Prime Minister Oliot, said, “I am convinced that 6 million is also available if there is 10 million rupees.”

The MPs, who have been constituted to be the right local government, should be actively involved in policy making, are pushing to increase the budget spent on their design. The ruling party had used a signature campaign to bring Rs.4 million to the budget for the pre-election policy and program and budget. “After the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister convinced the signature campaign was postponed,” leader Basit said.

Currently, 6.66 billion in the constituency of the constituency has been sanctioned 6.66 billion. The amount of Rs. 11.15 billion is allocated by the rate of Rs. 9 billion.

Many people have estimates that there will be a deal between $ 5 million in this regard. 8 billion rupees per annum should be appropriated for five million rupees. The ministry has not yet discussed about this program.

According to the state, the government said that the issue was raised in the discussion of the budget with the MP even though the budget did not come into account. ‘Possibly, this budget will be reached by the Minister of State by consulting Prime Minister Oli, “he said. According to Election Kakraak, the economists, the predecessor, the media also are under pressure being abused.

Enhanced increase in elderly
Even if it is not possible to increase the amount of rupees, this time it is like a certain increase in the elderly increase. The Left Declaration was announced to bring older people 5 thousand rupees but the government’s first budget was critically criticized. CPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and other top leaders also criticized the Minister for openly criticizing MPs not to budgets and older people.

CPN (Maoist) president Dahal announced that he would increase the elderly if he was returning from the Finance Minister in India. Prime Minister Oli has announced this pressure to increase the elderly.

In the inaugural ceremony of senior bank insurance and all Nepali Nepali banks, Oli said that there is ‘Finance Minister, not saying budget but will not increase budget but increase old age’. Recent 24 Lakhs, 999 thousand 532 have been receiving social security.

Out of these, 11 lakh 12 thousand 57 senior citizens get older people at the rate of Rs. 2,000. About 1 lakh senior citizens, except for health expenditure, get Rs. 1 rupees.

The total disadvantages of 397 thousand and Loponukhs and 24 thousand tribal tribes have come to understand social security at the rate of 2,000.

There are partial disability and some children have been disbursed at the rate of Rs. 650 and respectively respectively.

All these social security have cost around Rs 33 billion. At least Rs. 1000 rupees should be increased by Rs 3 to 4 billion rupees. It seems that the Finance Ministry has agreed to increase the allowance, “the official said.

Salary growth
It is still up to date about employees’ increase in salary. According to the source sources, the Cabinet Revenue Review Committee has decided to recommend the increase. “The report has not been explained,” an official said.

A 27-member civil service system has been constituted by the Chief Secretary Coordinator, Secretary Secretary and Secretary General for General Administration. This committee should review the salaries of the employees every two years.

This time it is time to review and suggest the Finance Minister. Last year, Finance Minister Khatiwada had decided to spend Rs 1 thousand of the monthly allowance. “The committee estimates that in some days the decision will be taken by the committee and on some basis it will increase some salary,” the official said.

More budget on rebuilding and infrastructure
Due to the fact that many bodies have been brought under the Prime Minister’s Office, many budget will be deployed at the Prime Minister’s Office at this time.

Last year, the highest office of the Prime Minister and the departments of the government was appropriated. Mean officials say that this time there is pressure to apply more than Rs. 1.9 billion this time.

Prime Minister Oli has brought the bodies of property purification research department, Department of Revenue Research, National Research Division, and other bodies to earn money. The Public Purchase Monitoring Office, National Vigilance Center, and other bodies have already been.

Due to the necessary administrative and some development budget for the earlier and subsequent bodies, the size of the Prime Minister’s office has shown to be large.

After the Prime Minister’s Office, the highest amount is to rebuild after the earthquake and to apply for the foundation in advance. According to the Planning Commission’s decision and the estimation of expenditure and preparation, budget will be appropriated for the reconstruction of the most earthquake. National Reconstruction Authority has demanded a budget of Rs. 56 billion for the coming year.

The preparation of the budget to be set up in a bill of Rs 30 billion in the budget is decided by the meeting of the directive committee chaired by the Prime Minister. After this, budget will be appropriated for large physical infrastructure projects. An official of the commission said that the project will be ready to declare the project bank for the next year.

Planning Commission roleless
This time, the role of the National Planning Commission has also been helpful in budget building. Vice President Puppaj Kandel, members and secretary Laxman Aryal Phursheed were seen when the party reached the commission on Friday. At the time of construction of the budget, at least the Vice President would have been inclined.

“This time the Commission estimates the source according to the authority and discussing theoretical discussion with the ministry,” one official of the Shrubbar Commission said, “Finance Minister Khatiwada has not given general access to the commission officials in the budget.”

Now the commission is only waiting to print the book of Annual Development Program. The Ministry of Finance sends the budget for the annual development program in the morning. This time, the official said, “To estimate the sources, discuss the issues with the ministry and print the annual development program,” he said.

The Chief Minister has taken the responsibility of the 4-member secretariat with the responsibility of building the budget. According to sources, budget head head Harish Sharan Pudasaini, Chief of the big taxpayer, Dhaniram Sharma, head of the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Sri Krishna Nepal, and Chief Executive Officer, Nirmalhari Adhikari are working on budget writing.

According to the budgetary responsibility, Finance Secretary Rajan Khanal and Revenue Secretary Lalshankar Ghimire are busy in the budget.

In the past years, most economists had made the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission mandatory participant in budget preparation. Finance Minister Khatiwada did not care much about the officials of the Commission.

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