Police Arrested Onsari With 7 Crore Fake Indian Currency

Kathmandu – Yunish Ansari has been arrested again in a similar incident after a year after the imprisonment of a fake note business.

Queue Airways from Qatar’s capital Doha Friday afternoon, three Pakistanis who came to the Seattle plane, took two thousand rupees 771.64 million Indian rupees brought to the airport, while arrested at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

She has also arrested her brother-in-law, Sullivan Khan, and driver Sudan Ranabhat of Rautahat Ramauli Baria house. Police arrested Mohammad Akhtar, 49, who took fake Indian rupees, 39, Nadia Anbar, and 67-year-old Nasser Quiteen.

Ansari, who was also the manager of the then National News Television, had arrested 25 lakh 44 thousand rupees of Indian rupees from Thapaathali’s Thapa Star Complex on December 6, The police arrested two Pakistani citizens, including Mohammad Mohammad Khuram, Muhammad Iqbal and the Kashisham officer at that time.

At the time of the case of Kathmandu District Court, in the case of a deficit case, Ansari was running Central jail in Sundhara on April 17, 1766. He was shot in a shootout on February 26, 1967.

He had survived accidentally by the Indian citizen Manmit Singh, but in the following days his involvement in the duplicate note business was not there. He was imprisoned at 2070 AD 18 by paying for five years imprisonment.

Four months after captivity, he was arrested again in the same incident in May 10. The special bureau of the police arrested him with 35 lakh fake Indian rupees from Lalitpur.

He was running central jail on September 20 following the case of the court case. After putting a night there, i.e., due to security in Chit 18, he was moved to the Nikhoo jail in Lalitpur. According to the records of the Nakhch prison, he has been convicted by the imprisonment of a prisoner on December 20,

A few days later, a few days later, he was arrested from Friday on Tribhuvan International Airport on Friday in connection with the incident. DIG Shailash Thapa told reporters that repeated communication between Ansari and Pakistani was in a press conference on Metropolitan Police Office to inform about the incident. He further informed that further investigation was conducted on the arrested.

Investigated Indian rupees recovered from Pakistan have been printed in Pakistan and investigation has been carried out in Nepal and sent to Nepal. According to a police officer working at the airport, the suitcase filled with fake Indian rupees only has been a wonderful topic of how the security check of the Doha Damage passes.

Unanswered Questions
Unlike the third time in the internal trade of the fake Indian note, the UNES face did not have anxiety. According to the Airport Police, he was not arrested even after he was arrested.

Even the face of the Ansari was open when all the arrested persons were shifted from the airport to the Metropolitan Police Office of Ranipokhari. Ansari, who did not want to cover his face, was present in the press conference without masks.

One former official, who was investigating the business of a fake Indian rupee business, said that the incident occurred on Friday. He said that the officer, Ansari, went to the airport to take note of himself and even after arresting him on his face, indicating some indication.

The investigation committee was formed in connection with the incident in the incident, the police spokesman DIG Hemant Mall was formed in the incident in the central prison in Sundhara. The fact that working for Pakistani gangs in the report prepared by the said committee, Ansari has played a role in destroying the Indian economy, and it has been mentioned that the accused was shot dead.

This report indicates that the Ansari Indian Intelligence Agency is on the target.
Anariari, who is seen in fear of being attacked by the Indian side, has also been evaluating some high officials of the Police, who could have kept the last incident, to protect lives.

The main nike itself is not to be seen by looking at the trend of big crime. A high police official told Kantipur, “However, in Friday’s incident, the Ansari seems to have reached its airport. And Pakistanis are still waiting for confidence in the course of the departure of aircraft. This dimension of the event indicates some unanswered questions. Does that mean that you have not made yourself an event to protect yourself? ‘

This was arrested
The 67-year-old Nashir Citin, who was heading the black-colored suitcase by the airport and customs officials, had arrested the suspect’s customs checkpoints.

Immediately, the blue shadow of the same size took out Nadia Anbar and Mohammad Akhtar, who were getting rid of the suitcase. The police were surprised at the time when India opened their suitcase and it was filled with a bundle of two thousand rupees.

According to the airport, according to the airport, Nairir had a net worth of Rs.37.37 million in the first two months, while there was a bundle of Rs. 949.59 billion in the blue succumbed by Mohammed and Nadia.

According to the customs officials, the bundle of the note was placed on the back of normal photocopy paper, but the bush on the bone of the note was on the pistachios. In a suitcase, the spice was used on chicken bryani on the bone of the note. According to a police officer, who was set to open the suitcase, both the suitcase was full of money.

On the other hand, Pakistan Police Chief SSP Sandip Bhanari, a special bureau team at the airport, ‘Kurtert’s Attack’. The police had taken the money out of the suitcase and kept its clothes only, and let them go to the airport.

The police had a concern that the police monitored the strongest monitoring of the police station. After more than three Pakistani exchanges, Younis Ansari, his brother Sulay Khan and driver Sudan Ranabhat met them. Meanwhile, the police arrested three people.

Yunis was driving them on the new parks at the airport. After arresting three people including Yunis, the police had done notes and pick up in the customs room at the airport. The police had only got three hours to pick up the number of notes and count all the money in the suit.

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