Why is there a series of invasion of Nepal in the US?

Kathmandu – The number of Nepalese enterprises entering America entering the country with little hope and eagerness, little disappointment, little confusion and a little bit of reality, are taking steps to curb the deadly and unpleasant events that have to be abducted on past few years.

Recently, Subhash Ghali Goli, who was lamjung Gillung, is a permanent home in Elizabeth Town, Kentucky, and other efforts have been injured in the same incident. This is not the first incident in America. In January 9, Texas was killed in a gas station in Garland Broadway Avenue, Texas, and Texas’s 35-year-old Manish Pandand.

Similarly, in November 2018, black gunmen murdered while 31-year-old Vinod Jethara, working in a gas station in Brussels, Texas, in Dhangadhi. Two years ago, Samira Shivakotai, who was working on a gas station in Dante, Texas, was killed. The incidents of Nepalese people’s domination and robbery in Nepal’s gas system, and the incidents surrounding human violence have become increasingly intense.

In October 2018, 40-year-old silk ringtone of Gorkha died in an accident at the gas station in the Fayyankin firm of Hornen, Virginia, in Los Angeles. At that time, a black ball was shot by a black gun at the hands of the Mart Gas station, in Oklahoma State. She has found a new life after treatment after getting shot at the lower part of the muscles, arms, throat, stomach, waist and heart.

A 41-year-old woman died after being shot in Hardford County five months ago in Maryland. Three others were killed in the incident. Life of the people who come to America by taking a dream of a golden future, has made a fear of violence. It is a tragic situation even if there is no single statistical number of Nepalese people who lost life in the gas station and injured.

In January of January, the gunmen attacked the police officers in the Arsenal of Texas. It is very difficult to protect from the black terrorists who make the major challenge to the administration here.

In particular, those who do not have legal papers, students who are studying Nepali students, novels, and other skills and other languages, are forced to work in gas stations and stores. There is also more risk compared to that. In America, gas station will be provided with petrol, diesel, tea, coffee, cold drinks, cigarettes, general food and ATM machines.

Often cash in stores, stores, and gas stations that combine business in cash are repeatedly repeating such incidents. In the US, Nepalese is a gas station to start employment. But the number of Nepalis killed in the same station station is very high. In some such incidents, casteist criminal groups, who are unable to see the immigrant Hindus of Asian countries, have been attached. The Christian sects that attack and break the Hindu temples in various states are also in turmoil. In some instances, racial differences on immigrants are also increasing.

Invasion of the attack

The number of gunned down criminals in the US is increasing. Looting is a type of business profession. Gas staging targeted events have often been caused by black robbery during the night. Because of the forced compulsion to work alone in the night, in the conductor / owner’s store, not self-defense, and lack of self-protection, to increase the morale of robbery, not to respond to the security measures, and to protect money, The reasons are shown.

In such cases it is best to take care of careful remedies. For that, gas stations are the biggest thing to kill workers, it is necessary to teach the money no money. To save money as much as possible, giving such a situation that does not allow such a situation to give life to the employee workers can be the first protection mechanism. Even if the owner said, the worker must remember a Nepali parable forever. To save the lives in the famine, save lives in Hulumum. Rage should not be done, risk assessment, including carelessness of security, including carelessness of security.

Working on a gas station is very challenging or working. This is a crime case. It is a stroke to do what is not to happen. This is the main question of why such attacks occur because of such incidents. Most of the nature of the event are involved in professional robberies. Some applying drugs are also attached to robbery robbery for abuse and abuse.

The administration of this family is considered to be the main challenge to increase the order of violence against the people who come to America by taking a dream of the golden future of the family. In particular, one of the couple who had brought younger children, could not be described as the suffering of the family.

Rise of criminal gang

We think America is very good. But, that’s not true. There are also many poor in America. The community that is always living in the absence is large here. They are always hated and all over. Young people of such groups are not easily employed by illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. When the surrounding doors are closed, the drowsiness of the person dies without death, and does not even end to kill someone in two-four dollars. Their companions are the substance of the matter. They think less about their lives. Business and robbery are their main concerns.

Individuals aged 18 years old can easily buy a gun. Therefore, the incidents of misuse have been repeated. The US Police have put the priorities in the fight against guerrillas and violence. However, his risk is not reduced. In the US, the incidents of arresting robbery in the police action and killing of civilians are continuing. Peace in the state of such incidents is established as the main political agenda.

Pistols in America Carry along with you In the past years, the shootout has been seen in the murder of Nepalese Nepali people. Lots of people do not know what they say, they have seen many lives. Some of them are also shot and shot at the beginning. They run in the store, do not speak speaking and loot.

Business and Employment

In most states of America, there are gas stations in the number of hundreds of Nepali people and in that same number Nepalis are investing by the owner of gas station. According to the initial estimation, some of the richest wealthy riches of untapped resources in Nepal have invested in gas station in the US. Leader of the political parties and the lower level employees are said to be doing such an investment by the relatives.

After gaining some capital, knowledge and experience, private gas stations reach to open. After adding a store, the order adds to some time at some time. By doing so, Nepalese is not one, dozens of gas station stats are also a number of professional examples.

Nepalese gas station operators do not have the same number of Nepali workers working when there is no official data. As well as the work done until the next good work is done, there is a liquid number of other gas stations going to the station when the stairs are also high. In Texas, a large number of Nepalis are living in gas station, in large numbers.

Individuals and Indian-run spots provide monthly and non-salary-free cash-and-wash services for students and neutrality training. He claims to be a socialist and fears for Nepal. Intelligent reality is between us. People who know the benefits of social service can know. Finally, these innocent young students have become a victim of massacre.

Many of the Nepali people in America start their American life gas station. Being a ready-to-risk character, studies that can be cassiered in the store, work easily at the time of their own, also, has been the center of employment in the gas station for the Nepalese onset.

Dozens of Nepali deaths

American gas station is not only a field of opportunity for Nepal, the suffering and suffering of the mountain are also covered. Security complexity is important. In the same period, Nepalese has also announced temporary death in the gas station. According to a study, in the year 2004 to 2018 i.e. in 14 years, at least 14 Nepalis lost their lives while working at the Gas Station or Consulate Store.

Working at a gas station, the number of injured, injured, or injured by the battering of a bug. Security concerns are increasing in the US to provide gas station. Since the business is on the go, the owners feel some relief. However, because of most workers’ worker’s insurance, their life and family have brought great tidings.


The shootout in the US is not a new event. Belle’s school and public spaces are mass weekly. In 2018 only 40 people have died during mass shooting. According to the Washington Post, from 1966 to August 1, 2018, there have been 58 cases of massacre in America. In this incident, 1,200 people have been killed. From the pregnancy to the age of 9 years.

Self security

Do not cope with the suspicious person who comes to know about Nepali people working in such gas station or small stores. If he is looking for robbery, let him keep quiet. Do not call the police immediately. The phone should be done after robbery or after feeling it’s safe. Police can investigate and arrest the robbery. But, your life can not be returned! Therefore, especially at the time of the night or at the store store, those things should be taken care of.

It is appropriate to arrange the bulletproof counter on the store, close the conventions shop and use only gas station, to maintain good relations with the nearest police station, cCTV and security consultancy.

NRNA sleepiness

The non-residential Nepalese Association claimed to be the umbrella organization of 3 million Nepalis in the US is in short sleep. As the elections are approaching, the aspirations of the leadership for the next tenure have been carried out in the city of Bikaner, a large Nepalese Diaspora, using a Memorial Drive campaign.

In fact, looking at the fact that 8 thousand members of the membership, the communication between Nepalis seems to be inactivity. Does the gas station, student workers involved in restaurants know about being non-residential? Does the NRNA get rid of an issue of anxiety while living in the carelessness of young men? There are many labor exploitation exploitation. Jobs have not been able to get jobs because of high school education. There are examples of trapped from Nepali. On the other hand, NRA should play a leading role in reviewing it.

We sorrow the country and abroad for a sweet dream that has passed Nepal’s sadness and suffering. It must be sad, it is not easy to have a home to eat properly. We find every corner of the Nepali world. Nepali people have opened their organization in many countries of the world. Such organizations will need to conduct new programs to come from Nepal to conduct awareness of the security system, policy, rules, and environment of the Janchachan new land.

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