FIFA announces only 32 teams in World Cup football in 2022

LUSSON – FIFA’s highest entity at the World Football Federation will announce to be included only in the World Cup soccer competition in the year 2022. The verdict of the 48-team team has been decided by reversing the earlier decision to give 48 teams the World Cup in the Qatar World Cup.

FIFA has recently suspended the plan to include more than one team. FIFA said that the proposal for adding team after a lot of discussion and consultation was stopped. The proposal for adding FIFA team or not to be held in FIFA, will be held in the next June 5. Tim adding plan is an intervention with FIFA’s current president Jiani Infantino’s personal project.

If the Qatar team is placed in 48 countries, the Qatar will have more than $ 30 to $ 40 million, the AFP said.

FIFA has launched $ 12 million for television broadcasting rights, 15 million marketing rights and $ 9 million ticket sales.

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