Decision of the Council of Ministers to give Melamchi Project to local level

Kathmandu – Government has decided to hold the remaining work of Melamchi drinking water project to local contractors. The meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to operate the local contractor by stepping forward in the ‘fast track’ by 6 months.

Communications and Information Technology and Government spokesperson Gokul Bissota said that special situation was created in the works of headwork and tunnel construction and decided to complete the remaining work by legal process. “There is a question from the government level about the Melamchi government, the government is also very worried,” he said, adding that CMC has left the work, some local problems have also been created, and we have said that related projects work according to how to resolve the situation.

He also informed that the concerned body has been instructed by the process. Secretary of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation Dipendra Nath Sharma told that the project should be divided into different packages and will be carried out by the process of process. “The decision by the Council of Ministers has opened the way, we start working by legal process,” he said with Kanantpur.

The project has divided the remaining work into the main two packages. There are 10 packages divided into small packages. According to the project, the first package includes the construction of dams under head works, bridge construction, and second package, the finishing, gate, ventilator and construction work in the tunnel. Sharma said that working in various packages can be brought to the water valley within a period of about 1 year.

Project estimates for completion of the remaining work will be around Rs.25 billion. In the past, Italian contractor company CMC said that the work of a highly anticipated Melamchi drinking water project after finishing its financially ‘ticking’.

Final finishing (2 pitches), 2 of them, clean construction, hydro mechanical connection, beauty water supply pipe connection, construction of water supply center, construction of water treatment center, and construction of water membrane (intake) remaining for 2 to 2½ yards of Melamchi. Is it The project staff has given information about the remaining amount of Rs. 1 billion for the Nepali workers involved in construction of CMC.

Working with yarn and larries
The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has started working with the tunnel of Melamchi and will be rolled out. Secretary Sharma said that consultants of the company Ishtesa Yanggri and a large study report (DPR), Melamchi Water Supply Project, were planned.

“We will proceed ahead of the process including tender,” he said. The target is to bring about 34 million liters of water from Yangri, Sindh and Larki river to Sindhupalchok. The length of the tunnel to be constructed between Melamchi and Larki is 11 km. The opening of the Melamchi ammo (headworm) is 2 km wide.

The water brought with 2 kilometer tunnel from Larki to the site of yogurt is directly found in the head work ambunition of Melamchi. The three million liters of water daily from Melamchi, Yangri and Larki will be brought from the tunnel to 25 km away from the ambunition.

The center has already been constructed and another processing center is being constructed that the construction of 2.5 million liters of water could be completed. In Kathmandu valley, only 38 million liters of water daily is required, but only 12 million liters have been supplied. In the valley, there is supply of 17 million liters of water in the valley.

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