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Nawalparasi The teacher of a community school in Sunval Municipality of West Nawalparasi has demanded to make a investigation committee to find out the facts about the incident.

Chairman of the School Management Committee, Gyanahari Aryal informed that the incident happened after the incident that was abducted by the teacher, Kishore Raj Tiwari, Principal, Devilta Deva of Sunvalal Devakota Devkota Mavika and teacher Kishorej Tiwari.

Students have been protesting demanding to remove the teachers from the school. Arjun Gupta, a victim of more powerful movement, said that while he was not there.

A few days ago, the teachers of the same school, students Pradeep Kohar, Pyaraj Pandey and Arjun Gupta, have been accused of abusing and handling abuses. Pandey, principal of the school, was suffering from the incident while remanding the student.

During the teaching of the title “Our Culture” under Nepali subject in Class 10, the teacher had opposed the teacher Tiwari to use the words that used to terminate Madhes region’s culture while giving examples of different communities and communities.

According to the protest, teacher Tiwari and Principal Pandey also said that they have handed over their hands on the education and coordinating unit in the complaint filed by the student.

Chairman of the School Management Committee, Aryal said that the school management committee headed by Principal Pandey and Teacher Tiwari for 10 days after complaint.

The student has filed a petition filed against the accused teachers in connection with the complaint filed by Sunil Municipality and Education Development and Coordination Unit, in the Nawasparasi office of West Nawalparasi. The attention of the concerned person has been focused on the incident after the incident came out of the incident, the teacher, who was abducted by the teacher after the incident, said the municipal country’s first child-friendly local level.